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Why Haven't I Seen This?!

Jun 9, 2014

Ash and Steven are both sorely behind in their film education. Ash is a fanfiction writer and afficionado, Steven is an aspiring comedian and general purpose nerd and both are seeking to fill in the gaps in their essential viewing experiences, and sharing that 'new viewer' experience in Why Haven't I Seen This?, a movie review and discussion podcast for movie nerds and essentials-deficient alike!

This week, joined by Tabatha Tipton, we watched Look Who's Talking Too, an awful and unpleasant example of making a sequel to a much better film. In addition, we discuss being inside Kirstie Alley, demonic toilets, the economics of pilot work, Ash's apathy, hack comedy routines as plot devices, spontaneous crime, the art of sequelry and some positive reviews of this film.

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